Personal Training

Personal Training

Our training is about creating a program that is specific to the client based on the FMS results, current state of  fitness, fitness knowledge and, of course, goals. 

Every client has a goal
Get bigger, get smaller, run a marathon, climb a mountain…they’re all unique to you. But, as humans, our fundamentals of movement are the same. In adherence to our motto, “Quality of Movement, Before Quantity of Movement”, we make certain that these fundamentals are cemented before progressing.

Our training is the path to get there

Because we program both to client’s needs and goals, our path is efficient & effective.  Our Personal Training services allow us to pay close attention to every detail of your training program and each training session.

We offer two personal training programs, One-on-One & Semi-Private.
Our One-on-One program is for those new to fitness, like the private setting or have special goals/needs that demand 100% attention from the trainer.
Semi-Private Training is for those seeking the specificity that private training provides but within a small group setting.  These sessions max out at a certain number of clients per hour predetermined by the participants and the trainer.  Although the sessions are performed with other clients, they provide plenty of individual attention and each person has their own training program.

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